ln 1971 Mr Baldi founded Company OMA - OFFICINE MECCANICHE AUTOMIZZATE with the aim of introducing innovating and high quality machines in italian market bottling field.
Since the very beginning, Company OMA received some recognitions by Honourable Bucalossi (at that time) during a meeting at the “SIMEI 1971” demonstration, where the Company presented the first MECHANIC pick and place machines when on the market only pneumatics and/or oil-pressures machines used to exist.
The first commercial network is arranged and it involves the whole national territory: right from the start the main goals are technical competence of sellers, good quality service, flexibility and availability of the supplies and of products distribution.

ln the 80', following the evolution of industrial automation, first activities in the packaging field begun, leading in 1986 to the constitution of the packing department, which has been the concrete realization of the vvill of being industrially present in the most technically advanced sectors.

During the 90”, the company received a recognition expressed by a certificate and the Cold Medal by Milan Exhibition Committee as the best and more trustworthy exhibitors and at the same time the company established trade agreements With important foreign partners dictated by professionalism and specialization; and it also started a lot of projects obtaining European and American patents.

On 1997 it begun an improving process of its organization in order to face the new era challenges, that were born with information technology and telematic revolution.

ln short, Company OMA has been present on the Italian and external markets of bottling, packing and packaging fields for 30 years, satisfying the needs of its
potential and primary customers.