Depalblock 2000

Depalblock 2000

Automatic depalletizer with inflating tubes system


Suitable for picking up new bottles from the pallet and depositing them continuosly
on the accumulation bench by means of inflatable tubes.

The Depalblock 2000 represents the ideal automatic solution for small and medium-sized productions, for the reduced cost of management, 
the simplicity of operation and the reduced size. Thanks to the easy adjustments, it is possible to change the format in about 5 minutes.
The operations cycle of bottle picking and unloading is automatic and continuous, programmed by the operator via a touch screen.
The extreme versatility of the machine allows the integration of optional modules for automatic handling and storage of pallets and automatic
removal of the interlayer.


Speed ProductionFrom 3000 to 12.000 Bottles/h
SizeLeng. 2800mm Wid. 2.200mm h 3000mm
Electrical Power2.5 kW
Air Consumption150 Nl/layer
Weight1500 Kg

Oma Packaging Systems.